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Stoick’s “I did this” really gets to me everytime I watch it. Not only is it a parallel to Hiccup’s earlier “I did this” (with Toothless in the same position no less), but it also reminds me of the fact that in the beginning of the movie, you have Stoick grumbling about having to clean up Hiccup’s mess after the dragons escaped. For so long he was always having to fix Hiccup’s mistakes, and now Hiccup came along and had to fix his and it looks like it cost Hiccup his life to do so. 

And the look on Stoick’s face when he says it just really emphasizes that realization. 





Let me tell you a fucking thing about costume design. That’s some in depth, difficult shit to learn. And the fact that this goddess can ramble this shit off the cuff means she knows her shit. ELLE WOODS IS A GODAMNED GENIUS AND IT’s NOT A STRETCH TO BELIEVE SHE GOT INTO HARVARD LAW MMMK?


this movie is literally about an attractive woman who loves to party having to prove over and over again that she’s also intelligent and hard-working to those who judge her based on her looks (who also empowers and fights for other women, and fosters unlikely friendships instead of engaging in girl hate) and if you don’t think that’s some great feminist shit then I don’t know what your problem is

Why Legally Blonde will always have a special place in my heart.

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