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I can’t stop thinking about you. And then, every time I do, the lines from that Lana Del Ray song come into my head.

"Oh that grace, oh that body, oh that face, makes me wanna party." That’s how I feel about you. And I can’t help it.

You’re so amazing to me in every way. Imperfect, yes. Arrogant, yes. Smart ass, yes. But your smile, and your laugh, and your eyes, and your hands, and your humour, your feet, your loyalty, make you whole and wonderful and I want to be around you whenever I can.

I know you see it. I know that. I know you probably take advantage of it. But I’ve never said you couldn’t. I want you to. Use it to get what you want, in bed usually. You’ve never asked for anything else, the rest is just bonuses for you.

I love you, regardless of any negatives. And until you tell me otherwise, I’m yours. Although, I don’t expect the same from you.

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